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In this podcast, Dr. Maria Varlet interviews Rev. Dr. Graham Hill regarding his recently published book, Holding Up Half the Sky: A Biblical Case for Women Leading and Teaching in the Church.

During their conversation, Graham shares his motivation for writing the book and offers a biblical and passionate call for women to be released to lead and minister. He challenges patriarchal structures and systems, reminds us that the Holy Spirit is gender inclusive and offers practical suggestions for how leadership might be reimagined for both men and women. 

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Author Maria Varlet

Dr. Maria Varlet is the Head of Research & Innovation at Crest Education in Melbourne, Australia. She currently serves as the Deputy Chair of the CSA National Council and is a member of the Advisory Committee for Casey Tech School. She has been involved in Christian Education for over 25 years, holding a variety of positions including Campus Principal and Executive Officer for Christian Schools Australia. She is passionate about promoting and developing innovation in education with interests in future focused pedagogies, teacher professional learning, change management and the support of women in leadership. Her doctoral thesis contributes insights into how Christian schools might utilise professional learning strategies to address tensions between ethos and assessment practices. Maria enjoys being challenged, laughing, photography, travelling, cooking and walking by the beach.

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